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INTRODUCTION In the critically ill patient, there is a continuous production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) that need to be neutralized to prevent oxidative stress (OS). Quantitatively speaking, the glutathione system (GSH) is the most important anti-oxidant endogenous defense. To increase it, glutamine supplementation has been shown to be effective by(More)
INTRODUCTION The quality of fats and oils used for frying is as important as the quality of the final product since during the frying process oxidization by-products are formed and become part of the diet, being potentially harmful for the consumers' health. OBJECTIVE To determine the effects of thermo-oxidised fats and oils on the oxidization of plasma(More)
OBJECTIVE To study referred-back prescriptions, in the areas of source, consumption, cost and information supplied to the family doctor. DESIGN Descriptive study of a prospective type. SETTING "La Merced" Health Centre, Cádiz. PATIENTS AND OTHER PARTICIPANTS All the reports sent over a two-month period from referral specialists (emergency, second(More)
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