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A case of obstructed labor in a term pregnancy caused by cephalopelvic disproportion as a result of a lithopedion retained in a sacculus of the lower uterine segment is reported. Detection and management of this condition are discussed, and a review of relevant literature is also presented.
The objective of this work was to search for and precise all the facts related to clinical anatomo and the prognosis capable of individualising the sick in our midst. We proposed to analyse 111 files of cases treated for the cancer of the uterine neck in the gynaecology services and cancerology-radiotherapy in the General Hospital, Yaounde. All the facts(More)
Over a 3-year period, 111 patients presenting histologically documented cervical carcinoma were treated in the Department of Cancerology and Radiotherapy at the General Hospital in Yaounde, Cameroon. Available therapeutic modalities included surgery and radiation therapy with a mean energy of 1.25 Mev of cobalt 60 which were used alone or in combination.(More)
A rare case of extramedullary or solitary ovarian plasmocytoma in a 12 years old patient is reported. Surgery consisted of left adnexectomy associated with omentectomy. Chemotherapy with abdomino-pelvic iradiation were effectuated afterwards. Review of literature and therapeutic indications are discussed.
The authors describe a cases of sacrococcygeal teratoma observed in an infant after pregnancy without ultrasound surveillance. The mass was located in the buttock with a mainly exo-pelvic extension. There was no other malformation. Ultrasound examination revealed a heterogeneous structure with solid and liquid areas. Alphafoetoprotein level was high but the(More)
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