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A finite-volume (FV) discretization method for the lattice Boltzmann (LB) equation, which combines high accuracy with limited computational cost is presented. In order to assess the performance of the FV method we carry out a systematic comparison, focused on accuracy and computational performances, with the standard streaming lattice Boltzmann equation(More)
  • Hasna BenSaid, Ahmed Zarroug, G. Mompean, Hassane Naji
  • 2013
In this paper, a priori and a posteriori analyses of algebraic linear and non-linear models are carried out in order to compare their ability to predict near wall turbulent flows. Tests were done using data from a direct numerical simulation (DNS) of a plane channel flow for three Reynolds numbers, based on the friction velocity, Re 180 τ = , Re 395 τ = and(More)
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