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We introduce a new approach for narrow band array imaging of localized scatterers from intensity-only measurements by considering the possibility of reconstructing the positions and reflectivities of the scatterers exactly from only partial knowledge of the array data, since we assume that phase information is not available. We reformulate this(More)
A new Kempe invariant and the (non)-ergodicity of the Wang–Swendsen–Koteck´y algorithm Abstract We prove that for the class of three-colorable triangulations of a closed oriented surface, the degree of a four-coloring modulo 12 is an invariant under Kempe changes. We use this general result to prove that for all triangulations T (3L, 3M) of the torus with 3(More)
We derive some new structural results for the transfer matrix of square-lattice Potts models with free and cylindrical boundary conditions. In particular , we obtain explicit closed-form expressions for the dominant (at large |q|) diagonal entry in the transfer matrix, for arbitrary widths m, as the solution of a special one-dimensional polymer model. We(More)
and Applied Analysis 3 Here, R󸀠(κ)∗R(κ) is the Fréchet derivative of the residual operatorR(κ)with respect to κ, and the forcing termpoints in the descent direction of the least squares cost; t is the artificial iteration time, and C is a conveniently chosen constant. The Fréchet derivative can be calculated efficiently using the adjoint formulation (see(More)
Abstract. We present a comprehensive study of the resolution and stability properties of sparse promoting optimization theories applied to narrow band array imaging of localized scatterers. We consider homogeneous and heterogeneous media, and multiple and single scattering situations. When the media is homogeneous with strong multiple scattering between(More)
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