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The physiological and morphological factors necessary for efficient accumulation of sucrose in sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) are considered in relation to potential uses of plant growth regulators to modify the anatomy of storage roots so as to increase sucrose content and yield. The percentage of sucrose in root fresh and dry matter is closely related to(More)
Tests were made of the ability of a leaching/mineralization model to predict the amounts of mineral N in the soil in spring as a step towards estimating the nitrogen fertilizer requirement of sugar-beet crops. There was good agreement between predicted and measured values, both under conditions of natural winter rainfall and when the soil was covered to(More)
possible browser's attention here are P B Cregan on the dynamics of nitrogen assimialtion in post anthesis growth of selected cereals and legumes ; and a more controversial one by R M Sachs and W P Hackett on intraplant competition and `nutrient diversion' as the triggers and cause of floral initiation and development . Section (iv), Hormonal control(More)
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