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Microsurgical techniques have largely improved the t rea tment of lesions in the peripherarnn, and brachial plexus [1, 2]. Unfortunately results of brachial plexus surgery have not fullfilled their expectations [3]. Experimental work in this field is limited [4]. The rat model offers advantages, including relat ively rapid regeneration, that requires a fair(More)
The fracture toughness of snow in shear is one of the most relevant parameters when studying the mechanics of snow slab avalanche release. Double-cantilever snow beams were loaded asymmetrically to determine K(IIc). If crack surfaces touch under applied pressure, the fracture toughness in shear of snow (rho=247 kg m(-3)) is K(IIc)=680+/-60 Pa m(1/2).(More)
The mechanical reliability of 600 randomly taken snow samples follows Weibull distributions: If sigma(max) is the maximum stress present in a specimen of given density, the fraction of specimens that fail at stresses below sigma(max) is P=1-exp[-(sigma(max)/sigma(0))(m)]. The scale parameter sigma(0) evaluated by the maximum likelihood method increases(More)
  • M. De Macêdo, G. Michot, M.C.S. DE MACEDO
  • 2016
Iron solubility in aluminium can be extended through the rapid solidification route, allowing the precipitation of a high volume fraction of intermetallic phases. In the ternary Al-Fe-Si system, the observed metastable hardening phase Al13Fe3Si is sensitive to ripening. Thermal stability can be improved by modification of the surface energy of the(More)
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