G. Micheletti

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AIM The aim of the present study is to describe the research protocol and preliminary results of an observational survey on presentation patterns of prostate cancer metastasis to bone (METAURO), involving urology departments in several Italian hospitals. MATERIALS AND METHODS The study design was observational and inclusion criteria required subjects with(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Endoscopic variceal banding ligation (EVL), first described by Stiegmann in 1988, is now an accepted alternative to sclerotherapy (EVS) for esophageal varices with previous bleeding. However, results are conflicting in terms of complications, eradication, recurrence, rebleeding and mortality rate. We aimed to compare EVL with EVS in a(More)
Methylprednisolone sodium succinate (MPSS) was compared in a randomized, double blind study to placebo in the prevention of respiratory complications in patients submitted to abdominal (vascular, pancreatic or hepatic) surgery. Two out of 42 (4.8%) patients treated with MPSS and 9 patients out of 40 (22.5%) who received placebo experienced a pulmonary(More)
Experience in the use of a heterologous collagen, extracted from bovine Achilles' tendon by a non-denaturing procedure, is reported. Normal tooth extraction procedures, periodontal surgery, treatment of alveolitis, oroparanasal communications and maxillary cysts, and oral surgery in patients affected by a defective haemostatic mechanism, benefit from its(More)
Direct revascularization which involve the femoro-popliteo-tibial district is called "limbs salvage" surgery. Such operations are performed in the arteriopathic patient in order to avoid ulcers and distal necrosis, whose natural evolution, without an adequate treatment, leads to amputation. One of the distal by-pass techniques is obtained by using in situ(More)