G Michaëlsson

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  • U Lindqvist, A Rudsander, A Boström, B Nilsson, G Michaëlsson
  • 2002
OBJECTIVES To find out whether patients with psoriatic arthritis (PsoA) have an increased prevalence of antibodies to gliadin (AGA) and of coeliac disease. METHODS One hundred and fourteen PsoA patients with skin disease of 20+/-13 yr and joint disease of 11+/-10 yr duration answered a questionnaire concerning their medical history and underwent clinical(More)
The clinical and laboratory findings in a patient constantly lacking eosinophil and basophil leucocytes in bone-marrow, blood, expectorates, and skin exudate are reported. He had repeated infections, asthma, haemolytic anaemia, vasomotor rhinitis, alopecia totalis, widespread scabies, and an extensive growth of warts. His IgA and IgE are low and this may(More)
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