G Mencattini

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A consecutive unselected series of 66 patients operated on for epidural hematoma between 1974 and 1981 is presented. Several parameters (age, sex, etc.) are analyzed and compared with those of the literature. The outcome is referred and discussed. The mortality rate was 18%. These were the 5 factors that most influence the outcome: (1) patient's age; (2)(More)
Most cases of sudden hearing loss have no identifiable cause. A link between compensatory blood flow through the circle of Willis and recovery from sudden hearing loss has, however, been suggested. We assessed 22 patients with sudden hearing loss who had no cerebrovascular disease, and 41 controls matched for age and sex. We took ultrasonographic doppler(More)
We studied the involvement of the electrophysiological localization of the subthalamic nucleus (NST) using a multi-unit recording technique by means of semi-microelectrode in a set of thirty Parkinson's patients who benefited from a bilateral stimulation of the NST and who were operated on under local or general anesthesia. The multi-unit recording(More)
The authors present a retrospective study of 121 patients treated with balloon compression of the rootlets behind the Gasser ganglion from 1995 to 2007. The inclusion criteria were drug-resistant idiopathic trigeminal neuralgia. The authors described the surgical technique and compared their results with results from the literature. The following parameters(More)
Personal experience in 35 cases of controlled, partial, selective thermorhizotomy of the trigeminus is referred to in a discussion of its indisputable advantages (abolition of pain, preservation of tactile sensibility, simple method) by comparison with other techniques, and its theoretical basis: selective lesion of the "delta" A and C fibres by exploiting(More)
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