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Emails constitute the bulk of all official communications in any organization. Email repositories are tacit store-houses of knowledge about people, projects and processes. Mining one's own email repository can also provide interesting and valuable insights about his or her engagements and contacts along different dimensions. In this paper, we propose an(More)
Cloud computing is a fast developing technology widely used across industry as well as academia. With the growing popularity of cloud services, the probability of attacks on cloud systems has also gone up drastically. As a result there is a growing demand for enabling cloud systems with forensic capabilities. But, existing digital forensic techniques cannot(More)
Cloud computing is a booming service oriented architecture which supports multiple tenants and users. They allow clients to use their infrastructure on a pay-per use model. With the increasing popularity of cloud systems, cyber crimes on cloud systems are also on the rise. But there are no standardized methods established for performing digital forensic(More)
The popularity and usage of the cloud for both commercial and non-commercial purposes has grown exceptionally. This triggered researchers around the world to focus on performing forensic investigation in cloud environment. Recently, the National Institute of Standards and Technology had collected, categorized and listed various architectural, acquisition,(More)
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