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The integration among different companies functions, collaborative planning and the elaboration of focused distribution plans are critical to the success of each kind of company working in the complex retail sector. In this contest, the present work proposes the description of a model able to support coordinated strategic choices continually made by Supply(More)
In today’s global markets, characterized by extremely fast changes in technology and customer’s demand, and by product life cycle getting shorter and shorter, a single firm has not the ability to be competitive if it is not included in a network that, operating as a single entity, is able to react to demand dynamism and volatility. Therefore, existing(More)
This paper describes a technique to reconstruct the volumes of the human body. For this purpose, are introduced mathematical objects able to represent 3d shapes, called super quadrics. These objects are positioned in the space according the captures made by a Microsoft Kinect device and are composed to represent the volumes of the human body. The employment(More)
This research introduces a support tool for the demand forecast management of local pharmacies. It is based on the forecast of the requirements obtained through the implementation of a Radial Basis Function (RBF) neural network. Having an accurate forecast allows you to reduce the average level of stock and consequently the costs of warehousing and space(More)
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