G Mandahl-Barth

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This study is an attempt to classify all described species of African Biomphalaria and Bulinus. It is based upon the author's examination of a great number of specimens collected from many parts of Africa. The variations attributable to age, environment and genetic factors which may be noted in the taxonomic characters are discussed, and some new species(More)
The conditions of snail life in African inland waters favour the evolution of microgeographical races while hindering the formation of new species, and the distinctions between many of the bulinid intermediate hosts of Schistosoma are consequently blurred. In this paper the author comments on the distinguishing characters that have been established for the(More)
Dr Mandahl-Barth's monograph on the intermediate hosts of Schistosoma in Africa, published by the World Health Organization in 1958, attempted to clarify the complicated subject of the taxonomy of Biomphalaria and Bulinus-the snail vectors of bilharziasis in Africa. The classification of these vectors, however, is still far from being cut-and-dried, and(More)
This identification key has been prepared to enable field workers in eastern and centra Africa to identify the species and subspecies of snails acting as intermediate hosts of various flukes causing bilharziasis and related diseases in man and his domestic stock.The area covered by the key is eastern Africa from the Sudan and Somalia in the north to(More)
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