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Nucleolar organiser regions (AgNOR) are chromosomal segments in which ribosomal RNA is codified. These structures can be identified in the nuclei of cells in routine histological sections using a silver staining technique which reveals the proteins associated with transcription RNA. The number of AgNOR identified depends on the state of cell proliferation.(More)
The literature reports conflicting results on ototoxicity, one of the best known adverse effects of cis-platinum. An audiometric study was therefore performed in patients treated with this drug for tumours of the head and neck. The possible hearing loss does not rule out the use of cis-platinum in our experience.
Radiotherapic treatment of patients with carcinoma usually causes genotoxis damage. This has been studied recently using the test of micronuclei in esfoliated cells. This test presents methodologic advantages in compared with the classic citogenetic analysis and as it is carried out on esfolieted cells from the oral cavity it faithfully reflects the(More)
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