G. Mahinthakumar

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The authors present a metacomputing application of multivariate, nonhierarchical statistical clustering to geographic environmental data from the 48 conterminous United States in order to produce maps of regions of ecological similarity, called ecoregions. These maps represent finer scale regionalizations than do those generated by the traditional(More)
A parallel supercomputer model based on realistic tissue data is developed for sound propagation in the human thorax and the sound propagation behavior is analyzed under various conditions using artificial sound sources. The model uses the Visible Human male data set for a realistic representation of the human thorax. The results were analyzed in time and(More)
The hybrid MPI-OpenMP model is a natural parallel programming paradigm for emerging parallel architectures that are based on symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) clusters. This paper presents a hybrid implementation adapted for an implicit finite-element code developed for groundwater transport simulations. The original code was parallel-ized for distributed(More)
We describe the implementation and analyze the performance of a parallel finite–element multi-component groundwater transport code on a variety of parallel architectures. The code exhibits characteristics that are typical to many simulation codes such as explicit communication, global reduction operations, sparse matrix operations, and parallel I/O. The(More)
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