G. Mahamoud Hassan

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Some physico-chemical properties of fat released from chicken during grilling process were evaluated and the results showed that refractive index and saponification values were not affected by grilling process. However, serious increases in oxidative deterioration parameters and color were noticed. The main objective of this study was to characterize the(More)
Kalman filter estimates the state of a dynamic system, even if the precise form of the system is unknown. The filter is very powerful in the sense that it supports estimations of past and even future states. The description of the standard Kalman filter and its algorithms with the two main steps, the prediction step and the correction step. Furthermore the(More)
Les tumeurs stromales gastro-intestinales (GIST) sont actuellement classées comme une entité bien établie grâce à une meilleure compréhension de la cellule d’origine et des marqueurs immunohistochimiques. Nous rapportons ici un cas rare et intéressant d’un patient de 46 ans présentant une volumineuse GIST bulbaire avec une importante métastase hépatique.(More)
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