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Carcass conformation, meat quality, fatty acid patterns of backfat and sensory quality characteristics (tenderness, juiciness, smell and taste) of scharrel (free range) pigs and animals from intensive fattening systems were compared. Both groups of pigs consisted of 80 animals, which were slaughtered in batches of 20 pigs per group. The measurements(More)
The effects of mammalian ACTH (0.01-10.0 IU/kg) given intraarterially on plasma corticosterone levels in laying hens were determined. A rectilinear dose-response relationship was found, y = 24.545 + 8.691x. Daily ACTH injections of 0.1 IU/kg on 3 successive days showed a good reproducibility in response in plasma corticosterone levels. Immobilization by(More)
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