G. M. Sayeed Ahmed

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Ultrafast lasers with high repetition rates are of considerable interest in applications such as optical fiber telecommunications, frequency metrology, high-speed optical sampling, and arbitrary waveform generation. For fiber lasers mode-locked at the cavity round-trip frequency, the pulse repetition rate is limited to tens or hundreds of megahertz by the(More)
This paper investigates the effect of the dopant on the photoluminescent spectrum of quantum dots and we used a confocal spectral laser scanning microscope (CSLM) to investigate CdS:Mn nanoparticles within thin films. On the other hand study regarding nonlinear optical properties such as third harmonic generation (THG) was done using the 4pi microscope to(More)
An end milling process is widely used in fabrication of complex contours and shape parts at high spindle speeds. Many researchers try to investigate one of important aspect, which come across during machining is the self exited chatter vibration which causes severe damage of the tool and quality of the machined surface. The present work is focused on the(More)
Conventional and linear-polarized IR-spectroscopic tools based on reducing-difference procedures for non-polarized and polarized IR-spectra interpretation as well as orientation technique of solids (colloidal suspension in nematic liquid crystal) and UV/vis spectroscopy are applied for investigation of new sol-gel materials with potential optical(More)
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