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Baclofen has been shown to be a selective agonist for a subclass of GABA receptors (GABAB) in many regions of the vertebrate nervous system. On the intraspinal terminals of dorsal roots (DRT), it evokes a pure hyperpolarizing response. We have previously shown that the response of DRT to GABA and some of its analogs (e.g. kojic amine) in isolated frog(More)
It has been reported that 6-aminomethyl-3-methyl-4H,1,2,4-benzothiadiazine-1, 1-dioxide (AMBD, TAG) is a specific blocker of taurine and beta-alanine responses in the central nervous system. We have re-examined the effect of AMBD on amino acid and synaptically evoked responses recorded from isolated hemisected frog spinal cords by means of the sucrose gap(More)
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