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In five patients with multiple system atrophy, electromyographic studies using a new surface electrode technique, showed unequivocal evidence of denervation of the posterior crico-arytenoid muscle, and in three of them, of the interarytenoid muscle or crico-pharyngeal sphincter. By comparison, only minor electromyographic abnormalities were found in(More)
1. A surface electrode was used to record electromyographic activity of the posterior cricoarytenoid muscle during breathing in normal subjects and patients with airflow obstruction. 2. Phasic activity of the posterior cricoarytenoid muscle was demonstrated. This was present on inspiration and absent on expiration. 3. Phasic inspiratory activity in normal(More)
A new method of surface 'integrated' electromyography is described for use in ENT practice. It is particularly suitable for the relatively delicate muscles of the mouth and throat. A special bipolar surface electrode has been designed to sample the interarytenoid, posterior crico-arytenoid and crico-pharyngeal sphincter. Very important EMG abnormalities(More)
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