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The viral (v)-sis oncogene encodes a protein (p28sis) that is structurally homologous to platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF). We have shown that simian sarcoma virus (SSV)-transformed cells containing the v-sis oncogene release a Mr 20,000 substance that is recognized by antisera to synthetic peptide sequences contained in p28sis. Medium conditioned by(More)
The role of the phosphoinositide turnover-protein kinase C pathway in mediating PDGF-stimulated c-myc expression and cell proliferation was studied. Both direct activators of kinase C (e.g. phorbol ester analogues) and hormones that activate kinase C via receptor-mediated phosphoinositide turnover (e.g. PDGF, bradykinin, or vasopressin) elicited a rapid(More)
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