G M Ganjyal

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Deicers from renewable resources are needed to overcome the disadvantages of using traditional deicers. Salts made from levulinic acid produced using grain sorghum as raw material were tested as road deicing agents. Freezing points of these salts viz., sodium levulinate, magnesium levulinate and calcium levulinate along with rock salt (sodium chloride) were(More)
Composting of extruded foams made of starch acetate and poly lactic acid (PLA) with pre-conditioned yard waste was studied using a laboratory composting system. Extruded foams of high amylose starch were used as the control. Degradation was measured by analyzing the exhaust gases for carbon dioxide. There were significant differences in the amounts of(More)
Cereal Chem. 83(3):223–227 Rice flour and rice starch were single-screw extruded and selected product properties were determined. Neural network (NN) models were developed for prediction of individual product properties, which performed better than the regression models. Multiple input and multiple output (MIMO) models were developed to simultaneously(More)
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