G. M. Emel’yanov

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A complex approach to the formalization of sense relations between lexeme and its lexical correlates as precedents of the sense equivalence situations is presented. A technique is outlined for the presentation and usage of information on the lexical meaning of a natural language word to solve the problem of pattern recognition based on standard lexical(More)
This paper is devoted to the problem of textual information transfer between experts and trainees in a computer-aided system for learning and testing of knowledge. A method is developed for the revelation of a semantic standard in a language usage situation (LUS) on the basis of word clustering by the occurrence frequency in semantically equivalent (SE)(More)
A correction method of systematic error of observations of color coordinates of a photosensor array allowing correcting and estimating the colors of each pixel in the image is proposed. The estimates of color coordinates of uniform color are calculated according to the results of observation of the colors of individual pixels based on the covariance matrix(More)
This paper proposes a method for identifying image fragments presented by a multiresponse piecewise-linear model of segments and corner points, which considers the geometric and color contour. The method can improve the accuracy of identification of fragments and the subsequent reconstruction of a fragmented image.
The problem of semantic clustering of Natural Language texts is posed. The use of syntactic contexts of nouns as the base structure for automatic formation of the set of text attributes is discussed. The principle of revealing splintered values in the aforementioned contexts is described using Russian language material.
Semantic relations in classification of images of natural-language statements are analyzed. The classification of the sense images of statements is considered on an example of construction of semantic relations in the RussNet thesaurus. The semantic statements are formalized with mathematical methods of the lattice theory.
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