G M Chaisson

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A review of the problems that led to the development of a social simulation game, entitled "Life-Cycle" and an explanation of the objectives of the game and how it is used in the training of health care personnel in geriatrics is presented. Additionally, the results of a controlled experimental evaluation of the game's impact upon participants in terms of(More)
The Residency Assistance Program in family practice was inaugurated in September 1975 as a plan to mobilize and finance the matching of consultant expertise in family practice residency education with program directors desiring to improve the quality of their residency programs through consultative assistance. The Residency Assistance Program is(More)
A survey o 469 journals in the health sciences identified 45 journals which review audiovisual materials. The response from 150 journals indicated that they did not review such materials. For the positive respondents, the authors have identified such factors as: type of media reviewed, who does the review, how much time is taken in the review process and(More)
In order to assist in the recruitment of physicians from practice into teaching during a period of rapid expansion in family practice education in the United States, the Division of Education of the American Academy of Family Physicians developed a computerized listing of members of the Academy who were interested in being contacted about available faculty(More)
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