G. M. Campbell

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ASSIST - Assembler System for Student Instruction and Systems Teaching, is a self-modifiable IN-CORE Assembler F compatible System/360 assembler-interpreter. It allows students to replace portions of the assembler using a process which is economical and provides good diagnostics. It has the capability of assembling a subroutine written in assembler(More)
A two-stage stochastic program is developed for scheduling and allocating crosstrained workers in a multi-department service environment with random demands. The first stage corresponds to scheduling days-off over a time horizon such as a week or month. The second stage is the recourse action that deals with allocating available workers at the beginning of(More)
The extension of CATV facilities to every urban community and most rural communities of more than a few hundred households coupled with the increased channel capacity of these CATV facilities will result in a severe "software" shortage. There is a proliferation of new services being offered and in the planning stage, both "free" and subscriber based, but it(More)
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