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—Quality control is an important issue in the ceramic tile industry. On the other hand maintaining the rate of production with respect to time is also a major issue in ceramic tile manufacturing. Again, price of ceramic tiles also depends on purity of texture, accuracy of color, shape etc. Considering this criteria, an automated defect detection and(More)
Multimodal biometric systems have been widely used to overcome the limitations of unimodal biometric systems and to achieve high recognition accuracy. Among various multimodality options, fingerprint and finger vein has gained much attention among researchers to combine accuracy, universality and cost efficiency of the solution. This study proposes a survey(More)
—Data mining algorithms generally assume that data will be clean and consistent. However, in practice, this is not always the case, and for this reason the detection and elimination of duplicate records is an important part of data cleaning. The presence of similar-duplicate records causes over-representation of data. If the database contains different(More)
In this paper we present an efficient system for face recognition with high recognition rate. In our proposed method, at first we detect the face from an image, then two main significant edge lines - chin-line and nose-line are determined and next we apply third order polynomial regression on these two lines to get a third order polynomial equation with(More)
At present, a great amount of information on the Web is presented in regularly structured objects. These are known as data records. A list of such objects in a Web page often describes a list of similar items; such as, a list of products to provide their value-added services. Therefore, it has become increasingly necessary to develop an effective process(More)
Visual inspection constitutes an important part of quality control in manufacturing industry. The detection of defects on mechanical part surfaces is an important quality control step in the manufacturing of machine products. In this paper, we have introduced a new approach to detect surface defects with varied size, shape in mechanical parts through the(More)