G Márquez de Bär

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In the last decade, a growing number of patients with pneumonia, caused by unusual gram positive rods have been observed. Mostly, the patients had been infected as a consequence of impaired immunity. In some cases, bioterrorist activities may also induce pneumonia by gram positive rods (B. anthracis). In order to bring these organisms to the attention of(More)
Buruli ulcer, caused by Mycobacterium ulcerans, is a chronic ulcerative skin disease, found predominantly in central and west Africa and Australia. A boy of 2.5 years of age from Angola was admitted to our hospital with severe kwashiokor and a large ulcer with undermined edges on the left side of the thorax. Further examination revealed anaemia,(More)
BACKGROUND The transmission of mycobacteria by bronchoscopes has been reported several times in the last years. To explore methods to prevent transmission of tuberculosis in this way, we sterilized contaminated bronchoscopes with low-temperature hydrogen peroxide gas plasma sterilization. METHODS Bronchoscopes were contaminated with Mycobacterium(More)
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