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Studies relating intellectual performance to birth order report conflicting results, some finding intellectual scores to increase, others to decrease with birth order. In contrast, the relationship between intellectual performance and family size is stable and consistently replicable. Why do these two highly related variables generate such divergent(More)
The immunoperoxidase technique, using antibodies against human urinary urokinase (Mr 55,000), was used for the localization of this enzyme in histological preparations of human colon tumors and normal colon tissue. The localization of tissue (vascular) activator was also investigated using antibodies against enzyme purified from human malignant melanoma.(More)
The plasminogen activators of surgically excised prostate cancers (43 specimens) and benign prostatic hyperplasias (33 specimens) were extracted with an acetate:arginine:detergent buffer, and the activities were quantitated with azocaseinolytic tests. Immunoinhibition with anti-urokinase antibody served to distinguish between activator types. The mean(More)
Tumor cell motility and the passage of tumor cells through various tissue matrices, including basement membrane, are important components of the metastatic process. Proteolytic enzymes, including a type IV collagen-specific collagenase, have been demonstrated to play a significant role in extracellular matrix and basement membrane degradation. In addition,(More)
The antifibrinolytic agent epsilon-aminocaproic acid given in the drinking water to Swiss ICR/Ha mice significantly counteracted the appearance of colorectal tumors induced by 21 weekly infections of 1,2-dimethylhydrazine. The drug affected both the number and the location of the tumors and, in some animals, altogether prevented their appearance. The low(More)
In this paper we present the Hybrid Semantic Search System HS 3. Following a review of semantic search systems we identify existing common components influencing the architecture of HS 3. The system operates on an arbitrary ontology and related knowledge base providing a search service for a specific domain. The system uses the ontology and knowledge base(More)
The collective experience of the Colorado Division of Water Resources (CDWR) Hydrographic and Satellite Monitoring Branch with operational performance of Parshall flumes installed across Colorado during the last 10-12 years is summarized. Hundreds of discharge measurements have been made at Parshall flumes, ranging in size from 6-inch to 40-ft throat widths(More)