G. Lynn Berard

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Bella Karr Gerlich is University Librarian in the Rebecca Crown Library at Dominican University; e-mail: bkarrgerlich@dom.edu. G. Lynn Berard is Principal Librarian, Engineering and Science, and Fellow of the Special Libraries Association in the University Libraries at Carnegie Mellon University; e-mail: lberard@ andrew.cmu.edu. This paper was presented at(More)
Bevacizumab is currently approved in association with first- and second-line 5-fluorouracil-based chemotherapy regimens for patients with metastatic colorectal cancer. Few data about the usefulness of bevacizumab in third-line settings are available. We describe a patient refractory to FOLFIRI and FOLFOX chemotherapy regimens who showed a dramatic and(More)
At CERN as well as in the collaborating physics institutes and companies all around the world contributing to the design and construction of the LHC, many different CAD systems are used. A number of applications have been developed at CERN to integrate the design data from these systems into the general engineering framework managed by the CERN EDMS. On one(More)
Spring and evaporite deposits are considered two of the most promising environments for past habitability on Mars and preservation of biosignatures. Manitoba, Canada hosts the East German Creek (EGC) hypersaline spring complex, and the post impact evaporite gypsum beds of the Lake St. Martin (LSM) impact. The EGC complex has microbial mats, sediments, algae(More)
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