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50 undergraduates were tested on a mental synthesis task aimed at producing creative visual patterns and were administered three questionnaires measuring imagery vividness and control. Analysis did not support a relationship between scores on visual synthesis and imagery and showed that neither kind of score was influenced by sex and studies attended.
Biodegradable stents have emerged as one of the most promising approaches in obstructive cardiovascular disease treatment due to their potential in providing mechanical support while it is needed and then leaving behind only the healed natural vessel. The aim of this study was to develop polymeric biodegradable stents for application in small caliber blood(More)
We present a new code for the calculation of the 1D structure and synthetic spectra of accretion disks. The code is an extension of the general purpose stellar atmosphere code PHOENIX and is therefore capable of including extensive lists of atomic and molecular lines as well as dust in the calculations. We assume that the average viscosity can be(More)
Since several years, we have been searching for sub-stellar companions around young (up to 100 Myrs) nearby (up to 150 pc) stars, both brown dwarfs and giant planets. Young sub-stellar objects are self-luminous due to ongoing contraction and accretion, so that young stars are good targets. We have found several brown dwarf companion candidates and confirmed(More)
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