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A very important factor in the assessment of solar energy resources is the availability of direct irradiance data of high quality. However, this component of solar radiation is seldom measured and thus must be estimated from data of global solar irradiance, which is registered in most radiometric stations. In recent years, artificial neural networks (ANN)(More)
In an effort to continue the pioneering work of Harary in USA and Flament in France, we have undertaken to develop , on an experimental basis, a formalized theory of systems of beliefs and their modifications. This theory uses the psycho-social concepts of theories of cognitive consistency and of the tools of discrete mathematics, such as rewriting and(More)
We report the finding of monospecific scleractinian (i.e. Lophelia pertusa) reefs from the Uruguayan outer shelf and slope during an exploratory joint research cruise onboard the R/V ‘Miguel Oliver’ during January–February 2010. Acoustic mapping of the seafloor allowed the detailed analysis of 8,944 km2, where some 17 structures identified as mounds were(More)
— The design of virtual environments and virtual reality applications is a difficult task, so the usability evaluation has evolved iteratively from a first type based on the adaptation and improvement of assessment techniques on 2D and other usability evaluation methods for evaluating all types of interfaces, creating a third type of evaluation for 3D(More)
In the present study, the nutritional value of Tetraselmis suecica and Tisochrysis lutea (previously known as Isochrysis aff galbana T-ISO strain) freeze-dried biomass for feeding Sparus aurata fry was evaluated. A total of 25,500 fry (3.7 mg body weight) were fed for 55 days on diets containing 5 and 10 % (w/w) Tetraselmis or Tisochrysis, as well as on a(More)
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