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Layered manufacturing (LM) is gaining ground for manufacturing prototypes (RP), tools (RT) and functional end products (RM). Laser and powder bed based manufacturing (i.e. selective laser sintering/melting or its variants) holds a special place within the variety of LM processes: no other LM techniques allow processing polymers, metals, ceramics as well as(More)
The design of a self-calibrating, tunable, channel select filter implemented in standard 0.25 pm CMOS technology for personal area network applications is presented. The active RC bandpass filter is used in a low-IF receiver with a 2 MHz IF. The filter architecture is a cascade of biquadratic (biquad) sections with low-Q resonators and transfer function(More)
[1] This paper revisits the Arctic Ice Dynamics Joint Experiment (AIDJEX) assumptions about pack ice behavior with an eye to modeling sea ice dynamics. The AIDJEX assumptions were that (1) enough leads were present in a 100 km by 100 km region to make the ice isotropic on that scale; (2) the ice had no tensile strength; and (3) the ice behavior could be(More)
New Zealand dairy farmers face a tradeoff between profit maximisation and environmental performance. The integrated simulation model presented here enables assessment of the economic and environmental impact of dairy farming with a focus on nitrogen pollution at the catchment level. Our approach extends the value of the DairyNZ Whole Farm Model (Beukes et(More)
The radicular pivot, the key component in Richmond and Davis crowns, was initially devised to maintain a permanent link between an artificial crown and the residual root of a monoradicular tooth. The success of such structures depends on three parameters: pivot rigidity (to prevent its fracture or deformation), rigidity of the link of between pivot and(More)
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