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Micturition and urinary continence theories have been under discussion since the last century. Up to now all these theories have been unsatisfactory. There is an obvious discrepance between the anatomical presentation and the clinical perceptions and physiological phenomena. This was the reason for a renewed and global examination of the whole distal(More)
Polarization-microscopical measurements combined with silver-staining methods and morphometrical estimations (countings) were used to study the collagen fiber structures of the fibrosa of human atrioventricular valves as well as of the chordae tendineae of the right and left heart with regard to age and sex differences. Measurements and countings were(More)
Previous polarization-microscopical measurements combined with silver-staining methods at histological sections of the bicuspid valve and the tricuspid valve in the region of fibrosa showed (similar to that of the corresponding tendinous cords) for middle-aged persons a distinct difference in the collagen composition in comparison between high pressure vs.(More)
In a new book of W. Frolkis and co-workers there is emphasized the dependence of aging processes on the cell functions. Besides always demonstrable universal mechanisms each kind of cell shows its specific aging in dependence on its function. This is the case in different tissues and organs too. We show that in muscle tissues, in the comparison of the(More)