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About 50% of patients with brain tumours are affected by seizure. Partial seizures have the highest incidence, followed by seizures due to secondary generalisation. The type of seizure may vary with different histological subtypes, tumour location and extent. The underlying pathophysiologic mechanisms of tumour-associated seizures are poorly understood and(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Calcium can potentially shorten T1, generating high signal intensity in GREs. Because IPH appears as high signal intensity in MRIPH and the surface effects of calcium can potentially shorten T1 of surrounding water protons, the purpose of this study was to evaluate whether the high signal intensity seen on MRIPH could be attributed(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Determining the diagnostic accuracy of different MR sequences is essential to design MR imaging protocols. The purpose of the study was to compare 3T sagittal FSE T2, STIR, and T1-weighted phase-sensitive inversion recovery in the detection of spinal cord lesions in patients with suspected or definite MS. MATERIALS AND METHODS We(More)
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