G. Leboucher

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The purpose of this study was: (i) to provide additional evidence regarding the existence of human voice parameters, which could be reliable indicators of a speaker's physical characteristics and (ii) to examine the ability of listeners to judge voice pleasantness and a speaker's characteristics from speech samples. We recorded 26 men enunciating five(More)
Male birdsong has a great influence in the stimulation of female reproduction. However, female physiological responsiveness to song may depend on the degree of complexity of male song. This is expected because females of iteroparous organisms may increase their fitness by matching their reproductive investment to the predicted value of each reproductive(More)
The androgen concentration in birds' eggs varies with laying order, breeding conditions, and mate attractiveness. In passerine birds, mate attractiveness depends upon song quality. The aim of our study was to evaluate the effect of one criterion used by females to assess male song quality that is to say the presence of sexually attractive phrases on yolk(More)
Considered as plague in many cities, pigeons in urban areas live close to human activities and exploit this proximity to find food which is often directly delivered by people. In this study, we explored the capacity of feral pigeons to take advantage of this human-based food resource and discriminate between friendly and hostile people. Our study was(More)
By stimulating female canaries with computer edited songs, we investigated the involvement of the caudal nucleus of the ventral hyperstriatum or high vocal center (HVC) in the selectivity of sexual responsiveness to different kinds of conspecific songs. Due to the fact that the types of conspecific song phrases act as relevant cues to give song its sexual(More)
We studied the effect of early tutoring on the subsequent sexual preferences and reproductive activity of female domestic canaries (Serinus canaria). Young female canaries were exposed during the first 4 months of life to songs of either domestic or wild canaries. When adult, these females were again exposed to domestic or wild songs. In the first(More)
In canaries, specific phrases of male song (sexy songs, SS) that are difficult to produce are especially attractive for females. Females exposed to SS produce more copulation displays and deposit more testosterone into their eggs than females exposed to non-sexy songs (NS). Increased expression of the immediate early genes c-Fos or zenk (a.k.a. egr-1) has(More)
Besides direct impacts of urban biodiversity on local ecosystem services, the contact of city dwellers with urban nature in their everyday life could increase their awareness on conservation issues. In this paper, we focused on a particularly common animal urban species, the feral pigeon Columba livia. Through an observational approach, we examined(More)
We studied copulation solicitation display (CSD) responses to playback in photostimulated female canaries given systemic injections of progesterone. Eight females received injections of 0.1 mg of progesterone dissolved in olive oil during their first breeding cycle and were untreated during their second breeding cycle; eight females received only the oil(More)
We used fadrozole, a potent inhibitor of the aromatization of androgens to estrogens, to investigate the influence of estradiol on copulation solicitation displays (CSD) and reproductive activity in female canaries (Serinus canaria). Systemic injections of fadrozole during 10 consecutive days were effective in reducing plasma estradiol concentrations in(More)