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In the daily routine of an SICU, particularly in cardiac surgery, the nurses are to an increasing extent confronted with problems of connecting and using medical instruments as well as with documentation of the data of these instruments. An increasing number of user errors is to be expected. Use of advanced computer technology can help avoid such errors. In(More)
New development in the design and implementation of a distributed, real-time image processing system is presented in this work. The system uses an IBM personal computer as the front end to a remote computer via the Internet. The standard TCP/IP networking protocols are utilised to link the IBM-PC and high performance remote devices such as transputer(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe radiologist's attitudes and perspectives on evidence-based medicine (EBM) and their practice. DESIGN Face-to-face semistructured interviews, thematic analysis. SETTING 24 institutions across six Australian states and New Zealand. Transcripts were imported into HyperRESEARCH software and thematically analysed. PARTICIPANTS 25(More)
Overlay network abstraction has been effectively used in Internet for application deployment. We believe that it is also a good abstraction for application deployment over ad hoc networks because application specific states are maintained only at the nodes involved in the execution of the application. RAON is a P2P system for MANET that performs(More)
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