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BACKGROUND Effective hand-washing can prevent nosocomial infections, particularly in high-risk areas of the hospital. There are few clinical studies of the efficacy of specific hand-cleansing agents in preventing the transmission of pathogens from health care workers to patients. METHODS For eight months, we conducted a prospective multiple-crossover(More)
The results of implementation of different clinical laboratory techniques are to be equal in clinically significant limits to be optimally applied in diagnostics of diseases and treatment of patients. When the results of laboratory tests are not standardized and harmonized for the very same clinical assay the results can be expressed by unmatched numbers.(More)
Nosocomial bloodstream infections add to the morbidity, mortality and length of hospitalization that is attributed to the underlying diseases alone. We have compared the in vitro potency of fifteen antibiotics against 136 isolates from clinically significant nosocomial gram-negative bacteraemias. Ciprofloxacin was the most potent antibiotic and had the(More)
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