G L Stainbrook

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Sympathetic nervous system activity was assessed in experimental and control subjects who were exposed to graded orthostatic and isometric stress during monthly hospital visits. After the first session, the experimental subjects practiced a technique that elicited the relaxation response. Their concentrations of plasma norepinephrine during subsequent(More)
Following the development of an excitatory bradycardia conditioned response (CR) to a CS+ paired with a shock US on Day 1, three groups of rats were given one of three inhibitory training procedures on Day 2 with a different CS (CS-). Then on Day 3 the inhibitory capacity of each CS- was examined on a modified combined cue test in which CS- was given(More)
One ofthe classic problems in perception is how visual information from successivefixations ofa scene is integrated toform a coherent view ofthe scene. The results of this experiment implicate a process that integrates by summing information from successive fixations after spatially reconciling the information from each glimpse. The output of this process(More)
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