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Two mouse lines transgenic with the human poliovirus receptor gene (PVR), TGM-PRG-1 and TGM-PRG-3, were characterized to determine whether transgene copy number and PVR expression levels influence susceptibility to poliovirus. The mouse lines have been bred for more than 10 generations and the transgene was stably transmitted to progeny as determined by(More)
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A mitochondrial gene (denoted aap1) in Saccharomyces cerevisiae has been characterized by nucleotide sequence analysis of a region of mtDNA between the oxi3 and oli2 genes. The reading frame of the aap1 gene specifies a hydrophobic polypeptide containing 48 amino acids. The functional nature of this reading frame was established by sequence analysis of a(More)
The nucleotide sequence of the yeast mitochondrial olil gene has been obtained in a series of mit- mutants with mutations in this gene, which codes for subunit 9 of of the mitochondrial ATPase complex. Subunit 9 is the proteolipid, 76 amino acids in length, necessary for the proton translocation function of the membrane Fo-sector. These mutants were(More)
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