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Dementia's impact on pain sensation is not well understood. Very little research has been done in this area, our clinical knowledge is poor, and there is no published information available to practitioners. This article reviews the current literature and discusses the need for further research. The number of patients with dementia is growing. This patient(More)
Palliative care is the knowledgeable and compassionate care of the dying patient. Although based on an holistic multidisciplinary philosophy, it does not usually include dentistry in its team approach. Many terminally ill patients have oral problems resulting from anti-cancer therapy and/or poor oral care during lengthy illnesses that require therapeutic(More)
A 63-year old depressed woman with a 2-year history of chronic pain on the right side of her face in the area of the zygomatic arch and temporomandibular joint received acupuncture before and after the medical treatment of her depression. During her unmedicated state electroacupuncture provided pain relief, while after prolonged intake of doxepin the(More)