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Transmission line equivalent circuit parameters are often 25% to 30% in error compared to values measured by the SCADA system. These errors cause the economic dispatch to be wrong, and lead to increased costs or incorrect billing. The parameter errors also affect contingency analysis, short circuit analysis, distance relaying, machine stability(More)
Numerous industrial and military applications require remote sensing of various machine and equipment operating parameters in locations where traditional power sources may not be available and long periods of unattended operation are required. Quite often, however, some source of vibrating energy may be present in operation of the machine in question.(More)
Silicon carbide devices have several advantages, including high blocking voltage, lower conduction losses, and lower switching losses, when compared to silicon-based devices. This paper demonstrates high power and high frequency operation of the SiC MOSFETs compared to conventional Si IGBT with a similar power rating. The commercial SiC MOSFET QJD1210007(More)
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  • 2007 IEEE Electric Ship Technologies Symposium
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In this paper, the advantages of state estimation on ship power systems are demonstrated and extended to perform fast fault detection. For more-electric ships it becomes critical to monitor the system and respond to faults within milliseconds to limit damage from the fault and transfer to an intact supply. A compact ship allows syncronization of sampled(More)
In this paper, ideal parameters for 3-phase transmission lines are derived by present-day methods. Errors between the ideal and 'true' parameters are identifiable by normalized differences between measured power flow on the lines and state estimated values. A real-time 'snapshot' of power flow data from a utility is used to demonstrate error detection,(More)
This paper estimates the performance of a conventional dc machine that is turned inside-out with the commutator replaced by switch-type semiconductors on the stator. The rotor is a permanent magnet design with trapezoidal radial flux density. Stator windings are full-pole pitch. The torque density for the inside-out dc machine is higher than other types of(More)
Providing effective classification techniques for various power quality (PQ) events is gaining the attention of the research community. The process of power quality analysis and diagnosis is a complex one for many reasons, including the complex modeling of power systems, the extensive amount of system data that is currently available through PQ monitors,(More)
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