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Genetic parameters and breeding values for growth traits were estimated in the first and, currently, the only family selective breeding program for rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in China. Genetic and phenotypic data were collected for growth traits from 75 full-sibling families with a 2-generation pedigree. Genetic parameters and breeding values for(More)
Survivin, a member of apoptosis protein inhibitor family, is upregulated in various malignancies, especially in chemotherapy- and/or radiation-resistant cell lines. In this study, the correlation between the level of survivin expression and degree of apoptosis was investigated in three ovarian cancer lines (two chemoresistant cell lines SKOV-3 and OVCAR-3,(More)
This paper is concerned with an approachable haematopoietic stem cells model with a delay and diffusions. The stability of the equilibria are first considered by analyzing the distribution of the roots of associated characteristic equation. We then consider the impact of the diffusions on bifurcated periodic solution, and find that only small diffusions(More)
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