G L Erlandson

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We measured creatinine in plasma and urine samples from 17 normal subjects and 10 renally impaired subjects by four different methods: two enzymatic--Ektachem iminohydrolase and Boehringer Mannheim amidohydrolase--and two Jaffé reaction based--Beckman Astra 8 and Technicon AutoAnalyzer I. Creatinine clearances, standardized for body surface area, were also(More)
To investigate the relationships between several neuropsychological deficits and personality function, 73 schizophrenic subjects with medically verified brain damage were administered the Luria-Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery (L-N) and the MMPI. Relationships between each of the 14 neuropsychological variables (the fourteen summary scales of the L-N)(More)
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