G. L. E. Monna

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A controllable charge pump is presented that is able to accurately generate a voltage larger than the supply voltage. It operates on a 3V supply. It is intended to be used to accurately bias MOS-transistors in the triode region, for use as tunable resistors in tunable time continuous filters. The charge pump has been realized in a BiCMOS process ( f ~ =(More)
Current space missions demand to integrate as much functionality as possible. In this paper we present the results of an ongoing research on designing a single chip solution for a reconfigurable multi-band GPS/Galileo receiver front-end to provide flexibility in operation of a spacecraft while minimizing power, mass and cost. This receiver front-end is(More)
Design of Optimal Dynamic Range Integrated Mixer-Filter Systems * M.H.L. Kouwenhoven, G.L.E. Monna, C.J.M. Verhoeven and A.H.M. van Roermund Faculty of Electrical Engineering Delft University of Technology Mekelweg 4 2628 CD Delft The Netherlands +3115783679 m.h.l.kouwenhoven@et.tudelft.nl An integral mel..Jd to design systems consisting of several mixers(More)
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