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1. Experiments were carried out to quantify the stimulation-evoked overflow of catecholamines and purines (ATP, ADP, AMP and adenosine) from an in vitro sympathetic nerve-smooth muscle preparation of(More)
A free-space in vitro exposure system for identifying specific microwave (MW) parameters in the frequency range of 1-6 GHz that can induce nonthermal effects on exocytosis, which is the process by(More)
A research effort is underway to identify specific radio frequency/microwave parameters in the frequency range 0.75-1.12 GHz that can produce nonthermal effects on the release of catecholamines from(More)
A waveguide-based exposure system for studying in vitro nonthermal radio-frequency/microwave (RF/MW) effects on skeletal muscle contraction in the frequency range of 0.75-1.12 GHz was designed,(More)
Tryptic peptide fragments of tyrosine hydroxylase isolated from 32PO4-prelabeled bovine adrenal chromaffin cells are resolved into seven phosphopeptides by reverse phase-high performance liquid(More)