G L Bekaia

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Intracellular neuronal and glial activity in response to tetanic stimulation of the cortical surface or thalamic nuclei and accompanying cortical surface negative potential shifts were recorded in lightly nembutalized curarized cats. Glial cells responded to such stimulation by slow depolarization which under certain conditions of stimulation was replaced(More)
Experimental studies show depressive behavior in rats caused by hypothyroidism and antidepressant effect of thyroid hormones. The present study analyses changes in the hippocampal and cerebellar cortex local blood flow in the progeny of rats suffering from iodine deficiency before mating and during the whole period of gestation. The diet with very low(More)
Evoked responses of the motor cortex (dendritic and slow negative potentials) elicited by its direct electrical stimulation, primary, nonspecific and antidromic responses elicited by stimulation of ventrolateral and intralaminar thalamic nuclei and pyramidal pathways and the respective postsynaptic responses of neurons were studied in acute experiments on(More)
Spontaneous electrical activity of the cerebellar cortex and fastigial nuclei was studied in unrestrained cats with implanted electrodes. Rhythmic (4-8/s) electrical activity was recorded in the fastigial nuclei of the cerebellum in paradoxical sleep as well as during some fragments of active wakefulness. A weak correlation between these processes was(More)
Experiments were carried out on male albino rats of 200-250 g weight with bipolar electrodes implanted in neocortex, as well as in the right and the left dorsal hippocampus for the study of the effect of lidocaine and its combination with adrenaline on the electric activity of brain. On the fifth day from the implantation in the first group of animals 0,3(More)
Neruronal activity evoked by pain impulsation in the specific thalamic nuclei and sensorimotor cortex has been recorded in cat. The following data were obtained. Evoked nociceptive neuronal activity was inhibited by stimulation of the nonspecific thalamic nuclei. An antinociceptive impact of the nonspecific thalamic nuclei on the specific thalamic units was(More)
Despite the fact that the side effects of prolonged treatment with dexamethasone are well known, information about its effects on the central nervous system is very limited. Experimental study of long-term effects of dexamethasone administration in the neonatal period on behavioral activity of rats in the open field was conducted. Four groups of newborn(More)
The decrease in locomotor activity and the number of crossed sectors in open field, has been shown in the group of animals, which for four days in the neonatal period received dexamethasone treatment. Based on these data we decided in the same experimental conditions to study the animals' state of anxiety and the behavior in passive avoidance chamber. The(More)
In acute experiments on immobilized cats, potentials evoked by stimulation of the ventrolateral and intralaminar thalamic nuclei, of the surface of the sensorimotor cortex and pyramidal pathways as well as the corresponding postsynaptic responses of pyramidal neurons, were studied. A negative shift of potential in response to tetanic stimulation of the(More)