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A new concept of a visual electronic medical record is presented based on developments ongoing in the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Virtual Soldier Project. This new concept is based on the holographic medical electronic representation (Holomer) and on data formats being developed to support this. The Holomer is being developed in two different(More)
The Michaelis-Menten equation was fitted to simulated data containing different sorts of error by using the three linear transformations, and the methods of S. R. Cohen [Anal. Biochem. (1968) 22, 549-552], R. Eisenthal & A. Cornish-Bowden [Biochem. J. (1974) 139, 715-120], F. de M. Merino [Biochem. J. 143, 93-95] and G. N. Wilkinson [Biochem. J. (1961) 808(More)
Sets of experimental data, with known characteristics and error structures, have been simulated for the Michaelis-Menten equation plus a second term, either for linear transport or for competitive inhibition. The Michaelis-Menten equation plus linear term was fitted by several methods and the accuracy and the precision of the parameter estimates from the(More)
  • G L Atkins
  • 1980
A two-compartment model has been used to represent glucose tracer kinetics in the rabbit. Simulations were performed in which the model system was not in a steady state. The disturbances from the steady state included: input and output rates constant but not equal, rates varying linearly with time, rates varying sinusoidally with periods of 2 h and 4 min(More)
Eleven published programs for performing nonlinear regression using a microcomputer have been reviewed. They have been assessed according to many criteria, especially: application, program language, algorithm used, method for calculating partial differentials, facility for weighting, desirable input and output features, robustness during execution, memory(More)
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