G Koelbel

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To investigate the potential of MR imaging in the evaluation of sinus tracts or fistulae associated with Crohn disease, 17 patients with pelvic or abdominal fistulae or sinus tracts underwent MR imaging with multislice spin-echo techniques, 500/15 and 1600/22,80 (TR/TE). The presence of fistulae and/or sinus tracts was confirmed by contrast-enhanced CT (n =(More)
To assess the utility of changes in the volume of the caudate lobe in the sonographic diagnosis of liver cirrhosis, the authors studied 58 patients with histologically proved cirrhosis, 18 patients with fatty liver, 28 patients with liver metastases, seven patients with lymphomatous liver involvement, and 75 healthy individuals. The longitudinal (CL),(More)
MR tomography was performed in 15 patients with urologically prediagnosed carcinoma of the urinary bladder. A field strength of 1.5 Tesla yields excellent morphological resolution of site and contrast. The results are compared with CT and--wherever available--with the pathological anatomic preparations. MR is often superior to x-ray computed tomography in(More)
Fifty-seven patients with palpably enlarged peripheral lymph nodes underwent detailed ultrasonographic (US) examination with a 5.0-MHz and a 7.5-MHz probe. In 32 of 36 patients with malignant lymphoma (12 with Hodgkin disease, 24 with non-Hodgkin lymphoma) US showed a hypoechoic mass with a centrally located tubular structure. Pathologic examination showed(More)
A combination of frequency selective excitation and saturation is used to separated water and fat components in magnetic resonance imaging. In conjunction with a gradient echo sequence (fast low angle) shot and a three-dimensional data acquisition, a large volume of the body can be covered. A set of 32 water or fat images can be obtained within 3.5 min(More)
Sixty-one patients with histologically proven disorders of the prostate [prostatic carcinoma (PC), 41; benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), 9; PC and BPH, 11] underwent magnetic resonance imaging at 1.5 T. Using single [spin echo (SE) 400/30] and dual (SE 1,600/30, 90) SE sequences, multislice contiguous scans were obtained in transverse, sagittal, and(More)
The reproducibility of sonographic measurements was checked using 255 measurements on 57 intra-abdominal masses. It was shown that differences of measurements carried out independently by two observers increased in a linear manner with tumour diameter. Relative differences in measurement averaged 10%, but in 5% of cases they reached 30%. Somewhat better(More)
Sonography of the pancreas was evaluated quantitatively in 94 normal subjects. The grey-scale values in the head and body of the pancreas were measured and compared with those of retroperitoneal fat. The echogenicity of the pancreas and the contrast between pancreas and fat were correlated with the age and weight of the subjects. Semi-quantitative studies(More)
The feasibility of dynamic sequential magnetic resonance (MR) imaging of focal hepatic lesions using Gd-diethylenetriamine pentaacetic acid (DTPA) was evaluated in this study. Three patients with hepatocellular carcinoma, 12 patients with metastases, and 7 patients with hemangiomas were studied with pre- and postcontrast multislice spin echo (SE) images(More)