G Kobelt

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The present study aims at estimating the total cost of MS in Europe based on actual cost data from nine countries and published epidemiological evidence. The epidemiological data are reported as 12 months prevalence estimates and cost data calculated as annual cost per patient at given levels of disease severity. Cost data are extrapolated to the rest of(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the effect of nocturia on productivity, vitality and utility in a selected group of professionally active individuals with nocturia, compared with matched controls, and investigate the effect of symptom severity, to test the hypothesis that lack of sleep caused by frequent sleep interruptions could reduce an individuals' daytime energy(More)
Economic analyses of interventions for chronic diseases require evaluations over a long timeframe to illustrate the benefits and costs of treatments. Clinical trials are generally short and carried out in strictly controlled conditions. They are therefore of limited value for economic evaluation aimed at facilitating decisions about resource allocation. The(More)
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