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Anti-EGFR targeted therapy is a potent strategy in the treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) but activating mutations in the KRAS gene are associated with poor response to this treatment. Therefore, KRAS mutation analysis is employed in the selection of patients for EGFR-targeted therapy and various studies have shown a high concordance between(More)
The 'pro-opiocortin' fragments, beta-lipotropin, beta-endorphin, ACTH and alpha-MSH, were estimated in discrete areas of rat and human brain and pituitaries by means of radioimmunoassay in combination with gelfiltration. These peptides exhibited parallel patterns of distribution, but with beta-endorphin and alpha-MSH predominant in the brain of rat and man,(More)
The distribution of corticotropin (ACTH) and alpha-melanotropin (alpha-MSH) in human brain was investigated by radioimmunoassay using an antiserum which recognized h-ACTH1-39 and alpha-MSH to an equal degree on a molar basis. Significant amounts of material, which migrated on calibrated Sephadex G-50 columns as synthetic h-ACTH1-39 and synthetic alpha-MSH,(More)
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