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1K. Woods
1Sean M. Bagshaw
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Immunohistochemical staining of bcl-2 and p53 proteins was compared with thymidine labelling index (TLI) and cell loss factor (O) in lung cancer. Neither bcl-2 nor p53 overexpression was associated with high cell loss but strong bcl-2 staining was associated with higher TLI. Concomitant strong p53 and bcl-2 expression, not the usual inverse relationship,(More)
Technology Evaluation in the Elderly Network (TVN) was funded in July 2012 under the Canadian Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) program, to develop, rigorously evaluate , and ethically disseminate information about the use of technologies for the care of seriously ill elderly patients and their families. TVN's vision is to position Canada as a global(More)
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